Poudre School District Foundation

The Poudre School District Foundation was established in the early 2000’s with the mission to mobilize community resources to provide students with educational opportunities that might not otherwise exist. The first executive director asked Art Bavoso to facilitate a series of board member meetings to help them craft their strategic plan and develop a fundraising plan. He continued to work with them as the fundraising plan was implemented, and provided counsel to the executive director and board president. This work led to a successful launch of programming and community awareness and fundraising initiatives, laying the foundation for future growth.

After the departure of PSD Foundation’s second executive director the board decided to eliminate the executive director position, instead placing the Board President in charge of both board relations and operations. In 2015, the incoming Board President wanted to engage the services of Third Sector to facilitate a series of board retreats that would enable the board members to review the vision and mission statements, work on reviewing and modifying their strategic plan, and participate in a “refresher course” on the best practices for good fundraising. Art Bavoso and an Third Sector Associate, Chris Imsland provided the services.

“Art Bavoso and Chris Imsland skillfully facilitated our board retreat, including assisting us in developing a new vision and mission statement. Their experience and guidance was invaluable in establishing a strong foundation and then providing us with the tools and framework to move our organization forward. Our board left the retreat reenergized and committed to achieving our goals”.

–Debbie Bostak, Board President